It's a walk in the park.

ROSYRILLI.COM It's a walk in the park
    I've been running. Ok really, who are we kidding. It's mostly been walking with some jogging thrown in for good measure. I happened to stumble upon this free gym near my office.  It's called a national park. Because here's the thing. I sit inside I don't even face a window. In past days/weeks/months, many times I came home and proceeded to sit some more on my couch. Inside. This, if you can't tell, is a whole lot of sitting. Inside. In fact, I've convinced myself that those seated habits have actually caused the slow process of pancaking my butt*.  So, I paid a little visit to the park recently. Waived hello, if you will. No obligations. No aspirations to run a marathon**.  No pushing myself to the limit. No forcing myself on days I really would rather be doing something else. None of that. The objective has simply been to enjoy strolling outside where I can soak up the nice weather. And I mean, hey, if I just so happen to tone up in the process, well, you won't find me complaining...

     And therein lies the problem friends. 

     I have a syndrome. I call it Planning Syndrome. Occasionally I derive more enjoyment out of the act of planning than the actual event itself. Does anyone else share in this conundrum? The thing with planning is this: It takes a lot of forecasting into the future, prepping and preparing. At the heart of it, there's a goal. Always a goal. There's lots of inspiration and motivation. All of this is well and good except that there's this very fine line between goals for the future and then not appreciating the present. So, back to my extremely enjoyable strolls through the park, free of distraction except for the strangers I pass and the thoughts in my head. They've been so enjoyable that I've found myself having to fight off the little voice in my head telling me to plan ahead. 

      Long ago, I was programmed to equate any form of exercise with losing weight. Ironically, I've never actually lost any weight from exercising. In high school, I religiously said hello to the gym. I was not thin in high school. 

     Sooo, I'm strolling (or jogging) along enjoying the weather and BAM. Where do my thoughts go? What month is it again?! Oh, that's right. It's the infamous Month of the Swimsuit. DUN DUN DUN. People all across the country are cursing their forgotten New Years Eve resolutions right about now. Hello May. The problem is that the second I start thinking about tomorrow's bathing suit, I instantly lose sight of the enjoyment in today. So, here's to putting off purchasing that itsy bitsy yellow polka dot bikini for another day. Hello TODAY.

 *Pancake butt - The act of flattening ones buttocks.
**Marathon runners - Please don't take offense that my non-athletic self does not one to join your club. You are in a league all your own. And you're crazy.

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