I’m tired.  I tell you this not as an excuse but as a precaution. Please don’t misterpret my blundt writing for lack of enthusiam. I am, afterall, exhausted and still writing about this weekend. It was just that good. 

May I proudly introduce...
The 1st Annual Family Flowering Day
Saturday was, as the weatherman so accurately agreed, a perfect 10. Our backyard rehab turned out beautifully. I honestly can’t tell you how incredibly grateful I am to the extra sets of hands who helped us renovate our little plot of sad, overgrown terraine into a backyard full of manicured and edged flower beds. Its so nice, in fact, that we inspired not one, but TWO, of our neighbors to show their own backyards a little lovin'.
The favors.

The refreshments.
The men {grunt}

All of my little worker bees.
 Please keep in mind that we live in a very urban area. Hubby and I joke that we're land barons with this little section of yard we call our own. So, I just HAVE to highlight some of my new favorite spots. But first, let me take you on a trip down memory lane to the time when we first purchased this home:

And NOW, may I introduce to you the new and improved backyard!

These photographs unfortunately don't even do it justice.

Burger anyone?

I absolutely HAD to have this hydrangea when I saw these gorgeous colors

Some of my favorite flowers, which didn't show up well in the above photographs.

Present from my mommy.
Hope you had a faboosh weekend as well!


  1. AH, I am in loooove with your writing style! You are SO talented, girl! I absolutely adore your little piece of the internet. Miss you guys! We'll come help you enjoy that great backyard of yours this summer. ;)

  2. Love well done. Pics are great. Except one with my brother holding the chainsaw scared me.
    You are talented.
    aunt pat


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