A little late...

Although past due, I couldn't post this craft prior to Daddy's Day in fear that I'd spoil my own gift to him. But hey, it's never too late to share in some creativity, right? My inspiration this year was brought on by, none other than the queen of all crafts, Martha Stewart. Her Folded-Shirt Card was intended for kids but I gladly mimicked the idea. The directions weren't followed exactly but the basic idea was the same: turn your Father's Day card into a shirt & tie combo. How cute!? I can still remember when we were little girlies with only pennies in our pocket. Making cards was the only option back then and there's still something so sentimental about it. In addition to my crafty card, I spoiled him with some yummy Williams-Sonoma Maple Mesquite BBQ sauce, found here, and a wood handled basting brush. Add in some simple gift wrap and his favorite bulls eye candies and voila! My two sisters got him a bbq cookbook and a grill light so all of our gifts were themed. It was an affordable way to say thanks dad for being so amazing!
Some simple ingredients.

It came together quite nicely, if I do say so myself

Fathers are especially difficult to shop for, if you ask me. What did you gift your Dad with this year? Anything fun?

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