Late 20's is the adolescence of adulthood. It's an entirely awkward period of growing pains, where people aren't quite certain yet who they want to be. At least that's how I view it anyway. Everyone around me appears to be in various stages - single, dating, married, children. You name it. Sometimes I ever so slightly look forward to my 30's for the mere fact that everyone will (hopefully) be on the same page again. On a somewhat related note, yesterday evening hubby and I had the pleasure of receiving a dinner invitation, which was so incredibly sweet of our friends.  They hosted us at their apartment where we enjoyed a fabulously cooked meal. It was such a refreshing change of pace that I'm already busy brainstorming ways we can return the favor!
My first experience with stemless glassware.
Our hostess had such beautifully displayed candles everywhere that its inspired me to add a few to my shopping list this week. So festive! And who doesn't love a sweetly scented home?
And last, but not the very bit least, the meal!

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