Holiday favorites.

Yes, we can all appreciate the holiday music and the gathering around of the Christmas tree. But it's something else too. It's those extra hints of the holidays hiding around every corner. Unassumingly, I stumbled upon a few this weekend. 

Festive craft beers which come but once a year.

The downtown of any area across the US, lit with an extra special glow this time of year.

We entertained friends from DC this weekend (more coming soon!) and I realized on our walk down to dinner on Main Street just how beautiful the area was decorated. After filling our bellies with delightful brewery beer and food, we stopped in at the Tavern where a very glorious cherry honey beverage was discovered. Pure 11% alc. deliciousness. I wasn't quite as courageous as my house guests, so I stuck to my Pinot Grigio BUT it was certainly tempting. And festive. We ended the night with a viewing of the most classic Christmas movie ever - Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, which I can only assume was my idea.  Even when you're not trying to be overly festive, the holidays will catch up to you... everywhere. 

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