Pinching pennies.

One day, while frequenting the Petco near my office, I noticed a new neighbor in town... Bottom Dollar Food. Visions of expired dollar store food danced in my head and so I disregarded the store front as quickly as I had taken notice to it.  Luck would have it (isn't this just always the way) that within days I heard a radio spot advertising the new chain. And with that, I decided to give it a whirl. 
I have to pause here in my storytelling to own up to a rather obnoxious flaw: I'm a certified brand snob. I'm a company's favorite customer - loyal. To a fault. I like to think of myself as a rather logical loving individual and this is the one area of my personality that just isn't rational, no matter how I try to spin it. I can try and blame it on my childhood - on my sixth grade bestie who grabbed my shirt collars to confirm that they were from the "right" stores. Regardless, this current runs deep in my veins and it has me, time and time again, reaching for the food labels I know best. 
Bottom Dollar Food happens to shelve quite a few generics, which succeeded in producing quite a bit of discomfort for me when I realized I was already committed. With a cart full of fruits and veggies, there was no turning back when I hit those aisles full of food labels. And so, I continued.  My Rilli Review: Success! A block of cheddar cheese for only $1.39! A box of cereal for $1.79! Biscuits for $0.58! And the list goes on and on. Perhaps it was the limited variety which forced me to buy the generic brands I love to hate. Perhaps it was the smaller cart which made me feel like I was buying more than I was. Whatever the reason, 43 items later and a bill of only $83.44 and I was HOOKED! After all, I'm not feeding a family of four here. It's just my hubby and I in a household where Lucky Charms are a perfectly acceptable dinner option. So will I go again? Absolutely. The small aisles, limited selection and bagging my own food in a designated area are all worth it. I'm already day dreaming about the things I will buy with all of the extra pennies in my pocket... 


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