Au revoir, originally written February 21st, 2014.

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February 21, 2014

So, all of those things the psychic said that were too sensitive in nature that I was unwilling to share earlier. Well, for your viewing pleasure.. here they are!

She said again that she saw us having 2-3 children. It was the first question I asked, eager to confirm if she still saw kids in our future. Later in the conversation, she said she saw 2 and that 3 would be a strain (just like she did over a year and a half ago!).

I'm supposed to give up pulling out clothing from the washer. Wet towels etc. NOT good for my uterus. She said, starting Feb. 27th (such a funny an exact date!), hubs is supposed to start doing all of the laundry. He was THRILLED to hear that one!

No exercising. Not even the treadmill, because according to Valerie, I'm at such a high risk of miscarrying. I promptly cancelled my gym membership yesterday.

She said to prop my rear end on a pillow after the good deed, and wait 15 minutes. I stupidly have been laying on my stomach thinking it would help with the whole forward tilted uterus bit. But oh no. I got quite the scolding from Valerie on that one. Everything falls out that way! HAHAHA (Ladies, you can appreciate that sentiment!)

I'm supposed to ask my doctor about acid reflux, because I'm still suffering from it and she said it's not good for the sperm. And she said to drink a glass of milk as soon as I feel it coming on.

She mentioned my miscarriage was a baby girl, which is what she told me last time I spoke to her too. Two girls maybe? But she mentioned that my father in law is in heaven holding them and that not all babies are meant to come down here. Some go back to heaven.

Hubby will apparently make a very good father. No surprise there!

At first she said that I would be pregnant again on or before August. Later in the conversation (much to my glee) she said that April looks like a very strong month. I vote for April!

She agreed that IUI was a good idea and mentioned that I have a very good, determined doctor.
Stressed again, no heavy lifting! And she said to meditate by picturing my belly getting bigger and bigger. Positive thinking! And to leave the door open to the room I've picked out for the nursery in our house. Both things I already do.. which is quite impressive she picked up on!

When I tried asking her more about our move (to a supposedly warmer area), she said that we'll chat about that later, after we have a child. That kind of makes me think we'll have the baby in Cincinnati, yes? That makes me VERY happy indeed :)

And then she told me to stop blogging. That a blog full of dead babies in NOT channeling positive energy into my life. She was quite adamant about this one. And I guess, in hindsight, it kind of makes sense. As much as this forum has been a great tool to vent, to document and to dissect, it also represents my struggle, the long road we've had to travel, and some very painful memories, all piled up into one neat place. So, unfortunately I think this is goodbye. For now. I still hope to one day reveal all of these innermost thoughts and experiences of mine to the world. But hopefully the next baby post I write will include a picture of our adorable, giggly, pudgy, healthy baby.
Au revoir everyone!

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